Welcome to Bucky’s Blog!

Welcome to Bucky’s Blog!

Hi there! My name is Bucky Bison, your lovable Bucknell University mascot. Welcome to my new blog! I’m sure the first question you must be asking is, “how do you type so well with hooves?” Well, I’ve been practicing for quite awhile (it’s much harder on my phone), and now I’m ready to share lots of fun and interesting information with you about the world of Bucknell Bison Athletics.

The goal of this blog is to supplement the BucknellBison.com website and the Bison social media platforms with some different types of information and features. Some examples might include:

  • News briefs and other comments about Bison Athletics that are interesting, but might not warrant a lengthy press release.
  • Regular Q&A sessions with Bucknell student-athletes. We are very proud of the men and women who wear the Orange & Blue, and we want to bring you their stories. Check back later this week for a neat “How I spent my summer” piece with Claire DeBoer of women’s basketball, and we also met with Karli Cirovski of the women’s soccer team to find out what it was like growing up in a soccer family.
  • Alumni updates. So many of our student-athletes have gone on to do great things after their four years at Bucknell, and we will share those stories with you. If you know of great things that our alumni athletes are doing, please share!
  • We will also be sharing relevant news from around the world of sports, including videos, Tweets, etc.

We have reached the final days of August, and already many of our fall teams are underway (women’s soccer 3-0!!). Football, cross country, men’s water polo and men’s golf all get going this weekend, and we are officially off and running for 2016-17.

There are lots of great ways to follow the Bison. Of course BucknellBison.com has everything you need to get started, including the latest news, “In the Herd” video features, rosters & bios, schedules, stats, photo galleries and more. The site also has a mobile version, and I highly recommend downloading the official Bucknell Athletics mobile app from iTunes or Android marketplaces. The app allows you to watch videos, listen to live broadcasts of football and basketball games, set alerts for upcoming games and map directions to our athletics venues.

Once again this year, many of our home events (and away Patriot League events) will stream live on the Patriot League Network. It is free and easy to watch the games! Just remember this simple URL: PatriotLeague.TV. That will take you right to a menu of games for the day, click on the one that you want to watch, and you’re all set! Many of our non-conference road games also stream online. Sometimes they are free, while some schools do charge subscription fees. We will include links in our preview articles on BucknellBison.com, or check the host school’s athletics website for more information.

On social media, we have a regular presence on Twitter (@Bucknell_Bison), Facebook (Bucknell Athletics) and Instagram (@BucknellBison). All of our on-demand videos also appear on our Bucknell Athletics YouTube channel. Most of our sport programs are also on Twitter and Instagram, and their Twitter pages are the best spots to find in-game updates.

You might have noticed many of our social media posts are now tagged with #rayBucknell. Please join us in using that hashtag to share photos and other fun stuff with us!

If you are not familiar with us, you might be asking, “who is Ray Bucknell?” Well it’s actually ‘Ray Bucknell, with the first part short for “Hooray.” (It is also this.) It’s been our fight song for many decades now, a simple but catchy tune. I have it as my ringtone on my cell phone!

For now I will leave you with the lyrics and sounds of ‘Ray Bucknell, and I hope you will be a regular reader of the blog!

’Ray Bucknell, ’Ray Bucknell,
’Ray for the Orange and the Blue,
’Ray, ’Ray, ’Ray, ’Ray,
’Ray for the Orange and the Blue.