It’s hard to believe that we are already deep enough into the fall seasons where some Senior Day ceremonies are upon us. It’s something really cool that all of the Bison teams do each year — honor each senior and their family prior to the final regular-season home game (or close to the final home game, sometimes the date floats to a weekend in order to accommodate families traveling long distances).

This weekend, our volleyball (Saturday, 5 p.m.), women’s soccer (Saturday, 7 p.m.), and field hockey (Sunday, 12 p.m.) teams will all be celebrating Senior Day. It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting these young student-athletes for the first time, and now they have developed into leaders who will soon be taking their talents to the world.

Throughout the year, we will be asking seniors to reflect on what they will remember most about their time at Bucknell. Here are some responses from student-athletes from volleyball, field hockey and women’s soccer, who will be honored this weekend. We think you will notice some common themes. 

Field Hockey:

  • Emma Fitzgerald (Rumson, N.J.) — What I will remember most about my time as a student-athlete at Bucknell will be the moments in the locker room just before we walked out onto the field, cheering the “’Ray Bucknell” chant with my teammates.  I’ve always loved this tradition when it’s moments before game time, the coaches have left the locker room, and we put our arms around each other and scream “’Ray Bucknell” together as loud as we can to kill the nerves, raise the excitement, and remind ourselves that when we play our best, we are playing as a unit, together.
  • Kelsy Kauffman (Lebanon, Pa.) — I think what I’ll remember most from my time as a student-athlete are the relationships I’ve formed with all of my teammates. Going through preseason, conditioning, practices, wins and losses for four years with the same people really brings you closer together, to the point in which your team becomes more like your family. I’ll always remember the fun and laughs we shared both on and off the field.
  • Amy Mucelli (Kutztown, Pa.) — What I will remember most is how devoted and caring everyone on this team is. We have created a great team atmosphere that makes everyone know that they are welcome on the team. We have all gone through the ups and downs of being a student-athlete, the early lifts and runs have made us stronger and connected us more as a team. We don’t depend on individuals to get us through the game, we need everyone to work together in order for us to succeed. I think that is one of the coolest parts. It will be sad to not be able to play on this team anymore, but I know that I can still count on all these girls.

Women’s Soccer: 

  • Sarah Bresette (Andover, Mass.) — As a senior on the Bucknell women’s soccer team, I will remember each and every player that I trained with, laughed with, and lived with. I will remember the bonds that I have made with amazing people that I will stand next to on my wedding day. This 2016 team has been the best team (both on and off the field) that I have ever had the opportunity to play with. However, perhaps my most prominent memory will be leaving a Reece’s cup wrapper on the bus and making the whole team run sprints during practice the next day. SORRY GUYS!
  • Cora Climo (Naperville, Ill.) — Definitely the people. My teammates have been there for all of the defeats and all of the triumphs, and I couldn’t imagine my time as a Bucknell women’s soccer player without them.
  • Alexis Gannon (Excelsior, Minn.) — What I will remember most are the friendships I formed with my teammates both on and off the field. I learned so many lessons from each of my teammates. Lessons about hard work, dedication, and always being there for each other. When we were struggling on the field, I loved that I was able to look to my left and right and see people who could push me to be my best and who wanted our team to succeed just as much as I did. When we were successful, I was able to share those moments of triumph with my best friends. I know that these are friendships and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
  • Jessica Ratner (Langhorne, Pa.) — I could not have asked for a better student-athlete experience than my time here at Bucknell. Being a member of the women’s soccer team has allowed me to develop so many important qualities that I can take directly to the classroom, including time management, organization, and leadership.  The one thing I will remember most from my four years as a student-athlete are the words of encouragement I received, both on and off the field. My team became my family, and Bucknell became my home.
  • Kelsey Witt (River Vale, N.J.) — My experience as a student-athlete is much more than just the title, it’s countless memories that has meant more to me than words can describe. I was able to play the game I love with my best friends, and there’s nothing more I could have asked for. Although some memories may fade, and some memories I’ll try to forget, like 6 a.m. mile repeats and the fitness test. I’ll always remember the bus ride after beating Navy in the semi-final singing at the top of our lungs, the large areas in the library that we took over almost every night, and the friends that would do anything to help me both on and off of the field. These memories will remain close to my heart and so will the pride that came with being called a student-athlete.


  • Rebecca Forbes (Oakville, Ontario) — What I’ll remember the most from my time as a student athlete at Bucknell will be my teammates. Being a Division 1 athlete is extremely challenging both mentally and physically, however these challenges allowed us all to grow closer as teammates and to push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We have all progressed from teammates to best friends, and this is a testament to the types of people that Bucknell is able to recruit, who take pride in working hard, strive to be the best they can and push others to do the same. These are friendships I’ll have for the rest of my life.

#rayBucknell #itsaboutthepeople

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